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Video Content – for YouTube, social media channels, websites and more.

We get it. Creating video content that truly engages with your audience is difficult. Getting talent in front of a camera – whether it be staff, clients or someone else – can be a challenge, and then there’s the logistics of getting everyone in the same paddock, at the same time, with perfect weather (hopefully!). Then of course there’s planning the shoot itself; what are the key messages, how will you shape the content to best engage with your target audience, even how will you effectively manage rounds of amends to keep things easy while getting the best result? On top of that, getting a video production crew in who doesn’t understand agriculture – leaving you to be the translator between the camera crew and the rest of the team – takes time and effort.

While it’s true anyone can make a video using an iPhone or a more substantial camera, always remember – the quality of your content directly reflects the quality of your brand. In other words, make beautiful, well-crafted videos and your company/brand/service will also be held in high regard.

That’s where we come in. CussonsMedia is proud to be founded in agriculture. Many of our team are from agricultural backgrounds and have agricultural qualifications. All of our team are well versed in agriculture and always well briefed, ready to hit the ground – and not get in the way of a header!

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